Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Check... Check...Check

Last Thursday M and I ventured to Austin to take our Engagement pics. I was a little nervous just because I know how M is in front of the camera (he gets nervous) and I was having faith in our photographer to make it work.

I got the edited proofs today and they look awesome(but the website wont let me copy the pics)! More on that to come when I get the cd so I can put some pics on here

On friday my mom, and dear friend Erin found my dress!! (more to come on that later too!) This is a sneak peak I will go into more details on another post because really it'll be a custom dress, but without going into too much detail it's going to have a different top than the one pictured...but this is a rough idea

Found a caterer, a florist, and possibly a lighting company.

The catering issue was something that was causing us much stress in the wedding planning, most places were either too expensive, had poor customer service or just didnt seem right as far as the type of food we were looking for

We decided to use the Columbian Culinary Team they actually sent me the proposal BEFORE I came in town so I could look it over and decided if the cost was what we were looking for and if the food sounded good, that way when I did come in town I could do a tasting. Being that I live in Houston, planning a San Antonio wedding can be slightly difficult, so I much appreciate when a company is willing to work with my travel plans. The food was AMAZING it was so good, and the lady I worked with Heather was awesome too, also, it always helps when the food is in the price range previously decided with the ability to have a few extras added in!!

Then after the caterer we went to look at a lighting company, I am not sure if I will use them yet there is another comany I want to look at first, but I was a little disappointed that the look I really wanted might not be possible due to the way my venue is set up and the electrical issues, because the venue is actually owned by the bank (my reception is actually in the bank lobby) the vendors cant just plug things into the wall plugs because if something shorts out the bank could lose all their very important information so it causes some problems, The guy did have some great suggestions and I just need to see what some other companies have to say first.

But I did find a florist, Eden's Echo, Erin was so awesome to work with. In my wedding planning I never "stalked" flowers and floral arrangements like I did other aspects of the wedding such as say my dress and bridesmaid dresses. So I really only had a vague idea of what I wanted or liked, but being the proffesional she is she had some great ideas and really got me excited about the flowers.

I am going to make my own bridesmaid bouquets so I also bought some flowers to practice that, I learned it's SUPER easy and I need about twice as many flowers as I bought to practice with. I have a website that has great reviews and the flowers come at a great price.

SO, I got so much done this weekend, all I really need to do as far as the big wedding planning things go is to find someone to be my Day of Coordinator and a DJ!

My plan is to have everything set by the end of summmer so all I have to do is perfect the small details and So far... Im well on my way to that goal!!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

God... You did it again

Ok, So Last night was CRAZY Im not sure what to even make of it, I learned alot which is always a good thing

I kind of did it to myself, jinxed myself, I came to work and saw my assignment. One baby who Id had the night before and then I was on second admit so usually unless were like totally overflowed with kids I wouldnt be getting a baby. So one kid all night. I go to get report thinking either this kid got sick today or Im gonna have a cake walk night.

I get report even the nurse giving report says "Wow your gonna have a long boring night, Im sorry"...She said the B word and I agreed with her and thats what Cursed me. NEVER say the B word around the babies they dont like it.

So some time goes by and life is going on and at 8pm my baby self extubates which means the Dr.'s Didnt want her extubated but she is her breathing tube is no longer where it needs to be thus not breathing for her= big problemo on a kid the size of my hand. Her heart rate and o2 sats fall and This is where God comes in, one of the Respiratory Therapists happened to be standing right there and two transport nurses happened to walk in the room just as Im slightly about to freak out realizing my baby is probably extubated (it hadnt been confirmed yet, but she totally was) we take her off moms chest (she was doing kangaroo care)and the doctor re-intubated her, but she still was not happy after that (kinda made her more mad I guess) and the night went down hill from there one thing after another after another, all the way up until about 630am when It was time to give report to the next nurse, the baby finally stabilized and was doing OK not great but OK when I left so Im interested to see hows shes doing when I go back

So I learned never ever ever to say the B word around the babies not even if you think you say it quietly, Also God knows best he knew there was no way on earth I could have survived if I had another baby to care for on top of all this and he put the right people in the right place when I needed them there he Also taught me I know how to hold my tongue when I really wanna make a snarky remark back to the nurse practitioner who made a snarky remark to me ( I really hate that just because your a nurse practitioner doesnt mean your better or more important and dont make snarky passive aggresive remarks to me please... Thank you)

Monday, June 8, 2009

God, the protector

So yesterday something very disturbing happened in my neck of the woods. I was sleeping as I had just finished working four nights in a row and I get a call from M. He says he found a little girl and he called the cops and he's bringing her back to the apt. I was in a slight fog so I say ok and drag myself out of bed.

M had taken Ace out for a walk and saw a VERY young girl wandering around on her own, he looked around for her parents somewhere and when he didn't see anyone he saw this man walking so he stopped to ask him if he knew this little girl. He said he saw her walking but assumed her parents were near by, M said no, he didnt see her parents anywhere so they went to find one of the apt managers apts to see if they knew her. As they were walking this other young girl about 10 came up and said she had seen the little girl before and gave them an apt number which she thought was where the little girl lived, so they went to that apt and no one answered (the cops went by there later and found out no one lives in that apt). So M called the police and brought the little girl back to our apt.

She was so cute ivory skin, big blue eyes, and a head full of curly red hair, she was also barefoot had tons of bug bites and a horribly soaked diaper (it leaked on my leg when she sat on my lap)... and the cutest smiley personality, which was kind of odd to me because how many three year olds are happy and smiley with no parents, in a strange apt with two strange grown men?

So the cops showed up and tried to find out her name, she wouldnt tell them, or me either, she did tell us that she was three though. She didnt know her parents names or where they were either, her speech was very delayed for a three year old. So the police took her to walk around and see if they could find someone who knew her or something, M took ace back out so he could properly walk and said he saw the one sheriff SUV leaving but saw the other sheriff entering an apt with a porch covered in beer cans.

Im not sure what happened to her, im sure they took her into custody or something it had been several hours by the time it all ended and no one had reported a missing child or anything, which leads us to beleive that they didnt miss her or were passed out or somewhere else. She was so cute and I hope God was watching over her after Mark found her, He was certainly watching out for her since M found her and not some creep who might have kidnapped, raped, abused, or killed her.
I'm Katie a 27 year old mommy and wife. Welcome to my blog where I will chronicle the happenings of my life as I find the balance between being both SAHM by day and CVICU nurse by night.

I love Jesus and strive to be more like Christ every day. Running, reading, and cooking are some of my favorite past-times. I love photography but I am no pro, but it helps I have such a cute subject to practice on!!




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