Friday, December 31, 2010

adios 2010

I seriously can not believe 2010 is over!!! This year seriously flew by like super fast!!

2010 has been a pretty great year for me though I kicked off the year marrying my best friend and I am so lucky to now call him my husband!!

We then went on a fabulous honeymoon to Antigua which was the best vacation I have ever taken, we had so much fun and wanted to go back for our one year anniversary but obviously there has been a change of plans 

I ran my first 1/2 marathon of 2010 in Bastrop, Tx, setting a PR.  It was probably one of the best races I have participated I look foreword to doing again post baby and celebrated my 25th birthday that same weekend.

Went to Vegas for my first time as an adult with the hubby...had a splendid time

Met one of my favorite authors and blogger Jen Lancaster

Ran my 2nd 1/2 marathon of 2010 with my mom, grandma, uncle...and baby Lopez was there too merely a floating ball of cells too early to be detected at that point

Found out we will soon be a family of 3!!!!

Went on a vacation to Chicago... had a blast until the last day when good ol morning sickness decided to kick in

We finished out the year celebrating Christmas with hubbies family and getting to meet our sweet nephew for the first time, it was cute watching hubby try to hold the baby, he clearly has some learning to do :) I however am a loser and did not take any pictures, although I have no excuse this coming year seeing as I got my beloved and long awaited camera for Christmas!!

2010 has been such a blessed and amazing year! God never ceases to amaze me with the plan He has for my life.  I can only look foreword to 2011, we have so much to be thankful for and look forward to and I cant wait to see what God has in store for us in the coming year.

I hope everyone has a SAFE and happy new years celebration, I will be at work ringing in the new year with the lil babies, I just hope they are nice to me tonight :)

Friday, December 24, 2010

18 weeks

The last two weeks have been pretty crazy not because were super busy people but my work schedule has been really weird and when I don't have many days off between the days I work it effects my motivation level and things like blogging go out the I forgot to take pictures both weeks...not like there was much to see anyway :)

How far along? 18 weeks 2 days

Baby's size? Bell pepper  or about 5 1/2 inches long

Weight Gain? Well, I had gained a pound for about a week and today I stepped on the scale and was back to pre-pregnancy weight...I don't know what gives

Maternity clothes? I don't foresee needing this for quite a while although I do have a bebe band I wear with many of my jeans because they fit comfortably when standing but when I sit they squish my tummy

Stretch marks? not a single one :)

Belly button in or out? Very much in

Sleep? My sleep schedule has been really wacky the last few weeks, on days I work I have a hard time staying asleep more than 6 hours, on days I'm off I will always wake up at 3 am wide awake and cant go back to sleep so on the nights I'm not working I usually take a quarter of a Unisom to help me stay asleep 

Foods I am loving? Papa Johns Pizza, Lucky Charms, fruit, mac and cheese, sprite

Foods I am hating? eggs, peppers or onions, garlic

Best moment this week? well when i was 16 weeks I felt the baby move for the first time, I was at work charting and was sitting kind of hunched like with bad posture...I know it was baby and not gas or any other tummy grumblings because it was down right above my pubic bone and there is nothing right there but baby and uterus.  Also it was a feeling I had never felt before kind of like a poking feeling but from the inside.  I feel it a lot more lately, mostly around when I eat, when I am at work, and if I'm sitting or lying with my legs pulled up towards my belly.  Its a pretty amazing feeling and a good reassurance that there sure is something in there and its still alive and moving

Movement? YES!!!

Symptoms? My hunger and queasiness are still at a battle HA, I was super hungry and couldn't eat enough for like three days and then all of a sudden I'm back to having no appetite and needing to take Zofran once a day on many days to have the slightest appetite and not feel all queasy and gross.  It seems I mostly feel kinda crappy when I have to work I think the night shift schedule screws with my sleep patterns and really effects my eating abilities.  I force feed myself on many occasions because I know how important it is I eat often.  I have found though If i keep pretzels or something in my pocket at work and munch on a regular basis it helps some but its just really frustrating...I want to like food again!!!

Gender? don't know yet...really really thinking its a girl on most occasions but some days I feel like maybe its a boy...I really just would like to know what this little person is

What I miss? being able to run like I used to and sleep on my back oh yeah and eat like a normal person

What I'm looking forward to? finding out what this little human is... we have a week and a half!!

Weekly Wisdom: I tell myself often God is in control He gave me this life to care for and He is in control me worrying about all the crazy weird things that can happen will do no good!

Milestone: I feel like I am finally showing just a tad

Emotions: excited and really anxious to find out the gender!!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Versatile Blogger Award

The other day I received the Versatile Blogger Award from Melissa over at Hanging with Mr. Cooper! Thanks Melissa!!
For this award I pass it on to 7 other blogs I have recently found, I follow so many blogs already so I'll choose some of the newest ones I follow.

Also I need to tell ya'll 7 things about me

1. I despise cleaning the bathroom floor...any other thing I don't mind cleaning but whoever decided on the tile and grout selection in our apartment bathrooms obviously isn't the one who has to clean them...they are impossible!

2. I love trying new recipes and I rarely make the same thing twice except for a few all time faves

3. Christmas is my most favorite season ever!!

4. I love not being a dog owner anymore, and hope not to be for a least not until we have a house

5. We are hoping to buy a house very soon...At times thinking of the whole process gives me great anxiety

6. I could and often do watch Home Alone on a daily basis now that its christmas season

7. I plan to use cloth diapers on little SHIM when it arrives

Now for the ones I will pass this award on too:

I think that about does it...5 is close to 7 right?!?

Monday, December 6, 2010

15 weeks

How far along? 15 weeks 5 days

Baby's size? navel orange

Weight Gain? None so far, at the Dr's office today their scale showed 1lb gain but I told her on my scale at home that I use everyday I'm still at no weight gain...she said its ok as long as I'm not losing weight

Maternity clothes? I don't foresee needing this for quite a while as I am still fitting into my XS regular clothes with no problems

Stretch marks? not a single one :)

Belly button in or out? Very much in

Sleep? sleep is great I sleep better during the day but that's possible because I work night shift and my body is accustomed to that...On days I work it doesn't matter what time I go to bed or how tired I am I will always wake up at 530 AM wide awake, its pretty annoying

Foods I am loving? Papa Johns Pizza, Beefaroni (totally random I know but I seriously can eat this stuff on a daily basis and I often do)

Foods I am hating? Not a fan of eggs and definitely no onions 

Best moment this week? I had a Dr's appointment today, it was very uneventful but I love going to see how things are coming one month we find out the gender!! YAY

Movement? none yet

Symptoms?  Over this past week my hunger and queasiness have been at a battle HA, I almost passed out twice because I guess I went too long without eating but I didn't feel hungry it was like in a split second I felt like I was going to pass out and thank Jesus for the sweet tarts in my purse.  I'm trying to be better about making myself eat more often but some days I still have quite a bit of queasiness, its very frustrating to try an figure out

Gender? don't know yet...really really hoping for a girl but would be thrilled with a boy too

What I miss? being able to run like I used to

What I'm looking forward to? finding out what this little human is... we have one month

Weekly Wisdom: nada


Emotions: I worry a lot, but due to my job and the crazy stuff I see on a daily basis I don't think that will ever go away until this baby is born and is at home and healthy, today though the Dr did a good job of reassuring me and not making me feel crazy for worrying about the random crap I worry about

Ok now for pictures...I'm telling you I don't look pregnant at all, I went to a friends daughters birthday party and all day I heard how I don't look pregnant blah blah...I feel like I'm in this in the middle stage where I don't look pregnant but I feel bigger than I was, and wishing I was showing more

please excuse the stupid look on my face
there is slightly something there
and for some comparison...this is me technically 2 weeks pregnant hah on labor day
so you see things have certainly shifted around even if I have gained no weight and to most don't look pregnant
I'm Katie a 27 year old mommy and wife. Welcome to my blog where I will chronicle the happenings of my life as I find the balance between being both SAHM by day and CVICU nurse by night.

I love Jesus and strive to be more like Christ every day. Running, reading, and cooking are some of my favorite past-times. I love photography but I am no pro, but it helps I have such a cute subject to practice on!!




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