Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Well today was my 26th birthday and I think I received the best birthday gift ever today!! well, I guess it was yesterday since it is actually after midnight currently.  We closed on our house and we are now officially homeowners!!

Here she is...once we get settled I will add some pics of the inside but just for a glimpse of the outside:
I love it and its so perfect for our family its really just about everything we were looking for in a house, so now the fun begins!! We move in tomorrow bright and early!

Also for a birthday gift we bought our new washer and dryer and refrigerator Im such a nerd and am so beyond excited about getting new appliances...I guess thats what happens when you get older you get excited about stuff like that.

For the fridge we went with the one I have been drooling over for years!! Its a Samsung.

For the washer and dryer I decided I wanted a top load instead of a front load and the guy at Best Buy said these had a lot of good reviews, they are LG and I cant wait to do laundry once we get them!!

Im glad we had been saving up like crazy so that we were able to buy the appliances we really wanted and hopefully they will last us many many many years!!


Sunday, March 27, 2011

31 weeks 4days

I decided to take one with the bare belly 

How far along? 31w4d

Baby's size? 4 navel oranges...about 3.5lbs

Weight Gain? today it was showing I was down to 123 which would be 13lbs gained not sure how I could have lost 2 lbs though? Also I have started measuring around my abdomen at the level of my belly button and this week we are at 35.5inches, I decided to start measuring this because I feel like some days I just grow exponentially and Its kinda neat to see the increase in size every week...Im a numbers person if you cant tell ;)

Maternity clothes? still none however everyday I discover more clothing items that don't fit, I did go buy some tops in a bigger size so I have some more options, I still have one pair of non maternity jeans that fit if I put a rubber band on the button

Stretch marks? not a single one 

Belly button in or out? it sticks out some now especially if I eat a big meal

Sleep? becoming more difficult, Landon thinks night time is play time, I cant blame him though since I work nights on some days and sleep at night on others I kind of send him mixed signals as to when is sleep time and when is play time

Foods I am loving? pretty much anything 

Foods I am hating? nothing really

Best moment this week? nothing stands out too much

Movement? I'm thinking he is not such a fan of the whole packing and moving process as he has been a wild man the past couple days, not stop movement and I don't mean little jabs here and there were talking some serious kicks and rolls and head butting going on, its actually quite painful at times!!

Symptoms? I get tired easily and my uterus contracts when I over do it, I am assuming they are Braxton-Hicks contractions, they go away when I lay down and I really have to drink a lot of water, I get them pretty frequently though at times and thats my sign to slow it down and not over do it...which is not something I am used to

Gender? a lil boy, Landon Matthew

What I miss? going for a nice long run...its my stress relief, also we went out to eat the other night and were sitting outside and it was perfect margarita weather

What I'm looking forward to? We close on the house tomorrow, move on tuesday and then I can get started on the nursery YAYAYAYAY!!!! I am so excited for this

Weekly Wisdom: its OK to ask for help

Milestone: nada 

Emotions:everyday is such a blessing!!

side story:  I was at work the other day and we admitted a 31week baby and I could not believe that I have something that size inside of me!! It was kinda crazy to think that my baby is that size and its INSIDE of me...now to most they would think this baby was small but to me it looked so big even though she was only around 3.5 lbs...I can not imagine that my belly will get even bigger and that my baby will get much bigger before coming out!!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Saturday Morning Scene

Today is a major packing marathon we have to get pretty much everything packed today as tommorrow and monday are already full and there wont be any chance to do much packing...this is just a fraction of the mess!!  

However in 3 days we will be moving in to OUR HOUSE!!!

Monday, March 21, 2011


yikes I feel like life is so disorganized right now and my very organized list making brain is disliking that fact.

I have a baby brewing that could come in 6 weeks and if that was the case well at least we have a bassinet and hopefully my boobs work...oh and I have a FEW cloth diapers so I guess we would be kind of ok but still the fact that people ask me stuff like "So is the nursery all ready" and " so i bet your almost ready for that baby to come" and I'm all nope his stuff is contained in a 3 foot plastic box.  I really don't even know where to start to be honest its like there is so much to do where do you begin ya know?!? I am having my first shower on April 9th so that is going to help!!

I just feel like there is so much I need to do to prepare and I cant because we are supposed to be closing on our house next week and then moving.

So because were moving all our belongings are here and there some in boxes some not and random piles all over the place of stuff that needs donated etc.  oh and don't even get me started on our files....our filing system is a pile in my closet of papers...not sure how it got that way but I guess laziness over time, so I also need to do something about that mess before I need something important I cant find!

I see some serious excel spreadsheets in my future and many many lists

Saturday, March 19, 2011

30 weeks 3days

So here we are at 30 weeks!! I seriously cannot believe I am already in the 30's, I remember when I first found out I was pregnant at 4 weeks and thinking that 30 weeks was so far away.  I feel more in the safe zone at 30 weeks and it totally freaks me out to think that in 5.5 weeks Landon could come at 36 weeks and be ok ...but that is way too soon and He is NOT aloud to come out that soon seeing as we have pretty much nothing for him ready.

I am not going to do the little survey this week as it really is pretty unchanged from previous weeks.

 I feel really good not too achey or uncomfortable yet.  Although when I get off work I am usually a little uncomfortable just because standing/walking and sitting in very uncomfortable and ergonomically incorrect chairs for 13 hours will do that to ya.  Usually by the time I get home laying in bed is like heaven! Also I think it may be about time to find some different scrub pants, while the ones I have still fit when I sit down they kind of cut into the bottom of my belly and once again after 13 hours of that it because VERY uncomfortable.  As far as the maternity jeans situation I totally give up...I ordered a pair online and once again same situation the smallest size is a little tight on the bum and the next bigger size is way too big in my legs...I may give it one more go tomorrow since  I'm off work and have time to do some searching.  Everything else is non-maternity just the next size up.

Landon is still such a wiggle worm in there and he loves to push his butt out...it looks really funny because when he does that my belly is lopsided and if I push his butt in he pokes it out even further its quite humorous.  He also is responding to outside noises more...its really neat when Mark talks to him and he starts squirming around.  Also I'm hoping to get some time in the next few weeks to get a 3D ultrasound before he gets too squished in there, Im starting to get really excited to see what he looks like, I had a baby at work the other day with a head full of thick black hair it was so long and fluffy I couldnt stop rubbing it haha... it made me wonder if Landon will have that much hair since me and Mark both have a ton of hair.

Today I had the first instance of a stranger approaching me about my pregnancy, I was waiting for my groceries to get put in my cart and I had noticed her the whole time I was grocery shopping every time I saw her she was looking at me, well when I was waiting for my groceries she came up to me and asked when I was due and was all "You are just so precious...you look so cute pregnant" I said thank you and went about my day, I have never had a stranger approach me like that before, it was kind of fun :)

In no pregnancy related news we should be closing on our house in about week...on March 28...my birthday!! I really hope all goes smoothly I cant wait to move and finally get settled and let the little nesting bug loose.

So here we are with the 30 week Belly pic:
I seriously feel so much bigger than this picture makes me look

Here is a collection of pictures through the weeks just as a side by side comparison:

Monday, March 7, 2011


How far along? 28w5d

Baby's size? about 2.25 lbs, a chinese cabbage

Weight Gain? according to my scale at home I have gained about 1lb this week which is 12lbs total

Maternity clothes? I finally had to get some maternity jeans...or try to, i think I tried on like 20 pairs of pants at several stores none of which fit...except the $200 ones...so i went online and bought a pair that are the maternity style of my favorite non-maternity jeans...I hope they fit, they were pricey but I figure if they fit good I know I will wear them a lot and this is only my first pregnancy and I plan on having many more so I will get good use out of them, also I was just to the point that I was so frustrated not being able to fit into regular jeans or maternity jeans.  The reason the maternity jeans i tried on in stores didn't fit was because the smallest size they carried in the stores was too big still and being that I need the smallest size they carry my options were very limited.  So at this point my options consist of yoga pants and sweatpants until my jeans come and if they don't fit I give up.

Stretch marks? not a single one 

Belly button in or out? its pretty flat and does poke out a little when I eat a big meal

Sleep? I love sleep!!

Foods I am loving? all food :)

Foods I am hating? not much anymore Thank God

Best moment this week? noticing Landon react to noises in the outside world

Movement? He moves a lot but definitely has sleep and wake cycles.  At times his kicks and punches are even kinda painful, I actually jumped off the chair this morning at work cuz the kid kicked my cervix or something so hard...it felt like someone kicked me in the crotch...which basically is what happened.  I was not expecting it and it was quite painful and after my reaction I couldn't stop laughing

Symptoms? I get tired easily and my uterus contracts when my bladder is full 

Gender? a lil boy, Landon Matthew

What I miss? sleeping on my tummy

What I'm looking forward to? buying a house and being able to finally prepare for our little guys arrival

Weekly Wisdom: enjoy every moment me and hubby want to be spontaneous once lil man gets here it wont be soso easy!! 

Milestone: not being able to fit into a single pair of jeans anymore also THIRD AND FINAL TRIMESTER!!

Emotions:everyday is such a blessing!!
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