Monday, August 22, 2011

Back to Work

This past week I went back to work.  It was hard for me but I think harder for L.

I work night shift so I work from 630pm to 7am three nights a week, so I just kept telling myself he would be going to bed soon and will just be waking up when I get home.

Well, daddy didn't "practice" putting him to bed much during the time I was off so this was a bit of an I Told You So situation.

Due to this fact, L was totally out of his comfort zone since I am the one that always bathes him, feeds him, and puts him to bed.  He cried for hours and it broke my heart every time I called to check on him and I could hear him crying in the background. It ripped my heart out because I was completely helpless.  Once they got him to sleep around 11pm he proceeded to wake up about every 1-2 hours all night long. They didn't put the right diaper on him at night or give him the right bottle before bed(it has more milk in it to "tank him up") and they didn't swaddle him correctly.  I was so frustrated because I tried so many times when I was off to get daddy to practice and to learn these things and he said he just wanted to deal with it when the time came and therefore L was the one who had to deal with those consequences, I should have been more firm and made him do it anyway.

After such a traumatic night, when I got home that next morning L wouldn't even look at me, it broke my heart.  Grandpa (who is watching him until we find a sitter) wanted to take him for a morning walk and I just wanted to be selfish and say no I just want to hold him.  But I didn't and let him go for a walk.  Around 9 am I was woken to L crying I went and got him and brought him to bed with me.  I fed him and he proceeded to sleep with me the rest of the day until 3pm when I had to get up to get ready for work. It was much needed cuddle time for both of us and made my heart smile.

The next night daddy had to work until 11pm so grandpa was on duty by himself.  I made sure to reiterate all the things he needs to do in order to have a smoother night.  He listened, and L went to bed as he usually does peacefully around 830pm, that night he woke about 3 times but it went much smoother than the night before, the next night went even smoother and I think they realized that when I say to do something a certain way its not because I'm neurotic, its for a reason, thats what he likes, I have spent the past three months learning these things.

I know with time L will adjust and get used to me not being there at night its just so hard to see him miss me, and the night time routine is my favorite part of the day so its so hard to miss out on that but at least its only three nights a week.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Oh, How Pinteresting!!

Today, I am linking up with MIchelle, at The Vintage Apple for Oh, How Pinteresting Wednesday, this weekis just a random assortment of things I love! ENjoy :)

Source: None via Katie on Pinterest

Darn, this is the story of my life :)

Want to teach L some signs I have seen it used so many times in little ones and it really seems to cut down on the temper tantrums because they have a way to communicate with you before their verbal pathways are established

So cute!!

love these!

Cant wait for fall!!

Source: None via Katie on Pinterest

I love these colors

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Hunt is On

We used to go to a church that we LOVED, it was a church my husband found online and on our first visit decided it was the church for us.  It was the first church we tried when we moved to Houston about 3 years ago.  Of course we then moved about an hour away from that church.  It just was too far to drive every week to go there so we tried another church I had attended for a bible study and it was about 15-20 minutes from our place.  We ended up really liking that church as well.  But, of course, we moved again. It would take us close to an hour from our new home to get to this church so once again, and with a new baby, this was just not feasible.

SO, we are now on the hunt again for a new church.  We aren't particularly biased as to the denomination. We usually go to non denominational but the last church we attended was baptist, the bottom lines are our hearts are open to a new church home.  I want a church that has a good children's program as we now have a little one to raise and raising him with God at the center of his life is very important to me.  I also want a church that I can attend and feel uplifted and recharged for the week, not guilty for what my downfalls or for things I may or may not do. A good worship service is also important to me.

I have one we are going to try next time I am off work that looks promising, I have faith that God will bring us exactly what we need!

We have tried one church already that we felt was not the church for us. I know our church home is out there and I pray about it often.

On that note, I also really need to do an overhaul on my quiet time with God.  Since we moved and had that chaos followed by the birth of our son, my quiet time has taken a back seat which I really hate.  God has blessed us beyond what I deserve and I am so thankful for all we have been given and spending time in the word and with God really needs to make its way back to priority numero uno...pronto!!

I am really looking for a good bible study to participate in as well as a devotional book that has some nice quick devotions that can be done amidst my busy life of being both a housewife, mommy, and working woman.
Do you know of any good devotional books I could try?

Anyone in the houston/sugarland area know of any good churches you recommend? Or a bible study they know is starting up soon in the sienna plantation/sugarland area?

Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated

Monday, August 15, 2011

Random Bits

  • This weekend, our house was FULL. My brother in law and his wife and three kids as well as my mother and father in law were all here, it was fun to see my nieces and nephew but a bit chaotic at the same time, I have never had that many people in my home before.
  • My nephew who is 10 months old (and freaking adorable fyi) gave us a glimpse into our future, Im not sure Im ready for that yet! He was so active and into everything, also opened my eyes to how much child proofing we need to do

  • We went to the Galleria this weekend so my nieces could go school clothes shopping.  That was traumatic and so stressful to say the least.  L was so fussy, having HUGE spit ups, wanted to be carried, refused to take a bottle, thus requiring me to make a trek to Saks because it was the closest bathroom/lounge area all the while L screamed all the way through Saks, so embarrassing.  He finally ate and calmed down took a catnap then once again refused to be in his stroller and just wanted to be carried.  Finally as we were walking to the car he fell asleep.  NEVER again will I attempt that until L is much more mature and less easily overstimulated.  The whole rest of the day it just broke my heart because I could tell he was so overstimulated, exhausted, and stressed.  Lessons learned.
  • My nearly 3 month old gets tangles in his hair after bath...this is not an issue a 3 month old should have to deal with! 

  • On that note, I just cant bring my self to trim his hair, Im afraid he wont look like my little baby anymore and I am not ready to deal with that yet!
  • A little girl at play group today ended up having Hand Foot and Mouth Disease, L was I am worried sick he will get it.  Im praying for the powers of breast milk antibodies to protect him!

  • I'm still in the market for an outstanding sitter for L, for now we will fly my father in law in to watch him on my work days, but I don't want to do that for long and I really really want a good sitter to watch him, All I can do is pray that God will bring a gem of a sitter into our lives!
  • I have been getting back into running and it really feels good to be back in the game, I cant wait for the San Antonio RocknRoll 1/2 marathon this November!!

Alrighty enough rambling for the night I need to get to bed :)

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Spittin image

I have been with my husband for 7.5 years and have NEVER seen baby pictures...until now...and looking at those pictures of him was like looking at my son with a vintage effect put on the pictures...they are identical.

This is the best pictures I found to put together to show you, I didn't even put mine because after looking at these...he looks NOTHING like me as a baby

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Oh, How Pinteresting!!

So here we are again its Wednesday and I am linking up with Michelle at The Vintage Apple for
This week Im gonna focus on some of my home decor inspiration because I have finally started thinking more about how I want to decorate this empty house of ours!

Source: via Katie on Pinterest

I want this mirror...BAD, I freaking love this thing!!

I love frame gallery walls, I will be doing this along the entry way walls in our house...its actually already a work on progress :)

I want this super girly bathroom...unfortunately I don't ever see this in my future

I like the colors even though they dont go with our living room, I would LOVE to find this mirror for above our mantle

Im loving the look of this rug for our living room

This is on my to do list for this holiday season, I love the monogram door wreath!!

11 weeks

We are 11 Weeks old Today...HOLY MOLY life needs a slow down button sometimes!!

Weeks: 11
Weight: about 13lbs according to our home scale

What I'm wearing: still in 0-3m clothes and some 3-6m depending on brand

Milestones: he is putting a lot of weight on his legs these days and we have been practicing sittin up on our own...obviously he is not there yet but practice makes perfect.  He has been so smiley and happy this past week and I love it!! I also think he is starting to get himself more on to a schedule, eating less frequently and he has been going to bed a lot earlier like around 830 instead of 10, I'm really hoping one of these days he sleeps all the way to like 6 or 7 instead of waking up at 3 or 4 during the night

Obligatory Adorable Picture:

Eating: When I left him with a babysitter last weekend he ate 5-6 oz every 2 hours or so when Im home with him he nurses about every 1.5-2 hours during the day

Visits/Outings: His cousins are coming in town this weekend to meet him for the first time, also, MY cousin is coming to see him this week too

Favorite Activities: Loves to be talked to and walked around the house, Also loves his play mat

Mommy Feels: Enjoying every second of my last week off of work!! He is such a joy and Im going to miss him like CRAZY!!!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Operation Get Organized::Phase 1

I decided to start small in my mission to get this household organized.  I am essentially the House Manager and therefore I took it upon myself to get the house in order. This is step one.

I decided to start with the "desk" that is in our kitchen, it was a massive disorganized MESS.  

I was inspired by this:

So I went to the office supply store which by the way, I could go totally nuts in an office supply store, its like a kid in a candy store for me, back on track...

I picked up 
- A pack of hanging files
- a labeler
- a hanging file box

I started by labeling my files, I have
- Incoming
- Outgoing
- To Pay
- To File
- Coupons
- Manuals- for all those silly manuals for stuff that just dont have a place
- Invites- I write them in my planner then they clutter up my fridge...not any more :)
- a file for each family member

A calendar so our family can always be in the loop and not have an excuse that you don't know whats going on

I sorted through everything on that desk and from now on the mail goes straight to a file or in the shred box or trash

Now we have this

All is right in this corner of my world now 

Phase Two is my Home Management Binder

Sunday, August 7, 2011

10 weeks

We turned 10 weeks on tuesday but better late than never, my time home with lil man is running out and I will soon return to work so I have spent as much time as possible cuddling on the couch and playing with toys!

Month: 2.5
Weeks: 10
Weight: about 13lbs according to our home scale

What I'm wearing: still in 0-3m clothes and some 3-6m depending on brand, but i think he is about to be out of most 0-3m clothes soon he is getting so long!

Milestones: becoming very social, loves to coo and squeal, smiles at everyone! staying up on his forearms for longer periods of time when on his tummy, also gaining more consistent head control. Loves to stand on our legs

Obligatory Adorable Picture:

Eating: I really have no clue how much he eats as I primarily nurse him but when I give him a bottle he eats about 5-6oz every 2 or so hours

Visits/Outings: mommy and daddy went out without L for the first time this weekend, we left him with one of my co-worker friends and he did fabulous.  He went with me today to a bridal shower and did so well, he is such a ham he just smiled and cooed at everyone the whole time!!

Favorite Activities: loves his playmat and to sit on my legs and be talked to.  He also loves his sunset walks or sunrise runs

Mommy Feels: i love him more each day and I find such joy in watching him grow and learn new things each day, Im so sad I have to return to work soon!!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Oh, How Pinteresting!!

Today I'm linking up with Michelle at The Vintage Apple for Oh, How Pinteresting Wednesday!!

This week I have for some reason felt soooo unorganized and it is really making me crazy, I like things to be in order.  Everything in its place and since L graced us with his presence, he has been our priority and the rest of the house management has fallen to the wayside.  With me going back to work soon I think I need to get things in a bit of order to make life a little smoother once I do return to work.  Therefore my pins have been focused a lot on getting the home clean and organized!


This is my next big project, not to be completed within a week or anything I need to get all the components together first but, its been all  think about lately, if you saw our pantry, it is a DISASTER and it drives me crazy every time I open the door!!

This is another project I am going to take on within the next week, I have been wanting to do this for a while and this is the perfect tutorial to get me motivated to do it!

My final project for this next week, I know I may be ambitious but this DESPERATELY needs done
I'm Katie a 27 year old mommy and wife. Welcome to my blog where I will chronicle the happenings of my life as I find the balance between being both SAHM by day and CVICU nurse by night.

I love Jesus and strive to be more like Christ every day. Running, reading, and cooking are some of my favorite past-times. I love photography but I am no pro, but it helps I have such a cute subject to practice on!!




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