Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Life with L:: Chalk Fun

We have been loving these lower temps! Granted it still gets up to 90 or so on most days but the mornings and evenings are cooler and there has been a nice breeze.  All this to say that we have been playing outside a lot more.  The 'squitos are still crazy so bug spray is a must but having been cooped up all summer due to crazy heat and humidity we are taking advantage of the slightly cooler weather!

L's latest favorite activity is playing with chalk.  He loves to color the porch chairs and eat it...although I cant imagine why he would like to eat it!
This picture cracks me up every time, just the look on his face...he knows he's up to no good!

snackin on chalk

I love watching him find new activities that he loves and play independently  like such a big boy!

This picture makes me laugh I told him to say cheese and he opened his mouth like a hippo.  didn't make a noise just made this face and went back to drawin' I died laughing and still when I see this picture it cracks me up...I think I have a future class clown on my hands!

Monday, September 24, 2012

4th Annual Scarf Swap!

Its that time to reveal our goodies for Meredith's 4th Annual Scarf Swap...

This year I was paired with Kodi at A Brighter Yellow.  I was so excited as she is one of my twitter friends! I did not get a chance to photograph the package I sent her but she sent me such a fun scarf, I love it!

I love this scarf!! I already wore it once, its lightweight which living here in South Texas is a must and I have several scarfs but not one with this color scheme so I was so excited!

She is also the sweetest thing and sent me a few other goodies to complete the package since she's a super bargain shopper! Its funny because I had just gone on a little trip and was thinking I needed a new makeup bag so this is perfect, and I have been dying to get my hands on some of the fall drinks at Starbucks so this is so perfect!! Plus, who doesn't love a new nail polish.

Thank you Kodi you are the sweetest and did a great job!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Sunday Social

Sunday Social

Im linking up this week with Neely and Ashley for Sunday Social!!

1. What is something you have wanted to do but are afraid of? Go back to school.  I am afraid I won't have the time or energy to keep up and then once school is done I will have to move on to other things aside from just being a bedside nurse and that scares me a little.  I am afraid to commit to something so big!!

2. Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Hopefully with at least 2 more kiddos, working part time and continuing to live a happy healthy and full life!

3. What are you looking forward to before the end of 2012? This sounds so silly but I am finally hosting a baby shower for one of my friends and I am so excited because I have never been asked to help host one and I have always wanted to!! I have so many cute ideas stored up I can't wait!!

4. What are your hopes for your blog? That people will still enjoy to read it and that I can get my act together and post more than once every blue moon!

5. Do you always see yourself living in your current town/city? Yes, probably.  I would love to move north ideally Boston but in reality I see us being here.  Hubby's job is here and only here maybe dallas but while Houston wasn't our first choice in cities we have grown to love it and having grown up military I don't want to put my kids through moving all the time like I did.  I want them to make friends as young children and grow up with those same friends.  Something I always longed for as a child.

6. What is your morning routine?  This is really hard.  I work night shift 3 nights a week so I have two different options haha.

a "morning" before work:

wake around 300-330pm
400- cook dinner, play with L
shower by 430pm
leave the house no later than 550pm to be at work around 630pm

a morning I don't work:

0700- wake up, drink coffee, blog, eat breakfast
0800- L usually wakes up around 8 or 830 so I get him up and feed him
0900- I try to go for a run by 9 at the latest
1000- watch Today show with Kathy Lee and Hoda then shower 

Nothing really too exciting haha


I am FINALLY getting this up, our last week has been insane and I have not had a moment to sit down at the computer!

Last weekend our little family took a mini vacay, hubby had some time off work he needed to use and I had a whopping 6 days off in a row.  Something that is rare these days.

To start with L came down with a virus the day before we were supposed to leave...of course.... but we went anyway.  He was able to sleep a lot and the dr told us he really wasn't contagious.  Poor guy at his worst had a fever of 105!! I thought I was going to freak out! It responded quickly to ibuprofen thank Jesus, my little guy did not feel good, although he seemed to maintain his good spirits like such a trooper.  He is all better now, Praise God!!

We started out by heading to San Antonio, my family lives there and so does my brother in law and their family.  My nephews second birthday was Saturday so while we were able to visit my parents we were able to attend his part as well.  My sister in law did such a great job and it was so much fun! Plus, it was fun to see L and his cousin play together. It just blows my mind how much they look alike!! My nephew is 8 months older than L, even though they are about the same size.

After a short stay in San Antonio we headed to Austin for a day or so.  We arrived sunday afternoon and we were so bummed because it was raining like crazy and all our "plans" were outside.  We really didn't have any plans just an idea of some things we would like to see or do.  Unfortunately they all consisted of being outside or walking outside so the rain was a total buzz-kill :(

We need up grabbing a bite to east at Wahoos Fish Taco.  It was so yummy, I had a bowl that had fish, rice and black beans.  There were some sort of veggies in there too and a really yummy sauce.  This was outstanding and really filled me up!  After that we just drove around the UT campus, went to  check out the sorority and fraternity houses (we always like to do this if were in cities that have our greek organization) and we were going to go to the Co-op but it literally closed 5 minutes before we got there.  By the suggestion of a twitter friend we also went to check out BookPeople a really cool bookstore that I could have gotten lost in for hours! L was really good and was napping this whole time.  We headed back to the hotel to dry off and rest before dinner.  We went to Hula Hut, one of my favorites.  It was kind of a bet because it was so late and L was tired and hungry but because he was so tired didn't really want to eat so he was so fussy and we ended up trading off with each other and walking L outside.  Oh well, you live and learn right!

On Monday we woke up and went to breakfast at Kerbey Lane This is one of our favorites from college when we would go to Sixth St as they are open 24 hours.  This was not the case, but the food was still so good! L started off breakfast really fussy again and we were so frustrated after the previous night and now this.  He is ALWAYS so good in restaurants, low and behold the kid was starving.  He probably ate 4 eggs, 1/4 of pancake and 1/2 bowl of fruit.  I guess thats what happens when you don't want to eat dinner.  He was back to his good spirits and we were off to start our day.  We started by going back to the Co-op, I wish I had more money to spend there they literally had so many cute things!! We needed up just getting L a pair of cute sweatpants this time.

By this time I had told a previous patients family that I would head over to their boutique to say hi so thats where we went.  I absolutely love being able to see patients and their families that I really connected to outside of the hospital.  It is hard because I usually only see my patients very sick in ICU and don't get to see the after product of my care.  This was so fun because the baby was like night and day!! He was so happy and full of life.  Its amazing what a good heart can do for you!! After that little stop off we decided to go park the car and roam around.  We headed to South Congress which was so cool, we wished we had waited to have lunch there because the little food trucks looked so fun!! We had pizza earlier so we really weren't hungry.

After our snack we headed back to the hotel so we could get ready for dinner, we were going to The Salt Lick.  We drove out and by the time we got there we were all hungry.  I was amazed at how fast the service was.  That was a blessing because by this point L wanted nothing to do with sitting and eating so we took turns going out and letting L walk around.  Poor guy was basically over the vacation by this point.  He usually is an angel in restaurants he'll sit and eat or play while we eat and not make much fuss...oh boy not this day! We ate fast and headed outside to the play area so he could blow off some steam! He was in HEAVEN!!

 Although when it was time to go a meltdown was had!! He DID. NOT. want to leave!!!

We headed home early the next day and I don't think I have seen a little guy happier to be home than L was! It was a fun little trip and a much needed break from daily life!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Sometimes you just need a do over!

So today ended up being one of those days that I just wish I could have a do over.  It was a day that as a mom, really a working mom, I was torn to pieces and in  hind sight felt I made the wrong choice.  That only made me feel worse and the mom guilt was through the roof.

So the day started off ok enough, hubby and I had to meet at his job to switch off L as we often have to do after nights when I work and he has to work early. I noticed L was super sleepy in the car which he is usually awake and talkative.  When we got home I noticed he was warm and I took his temp which was 101.9 orally, he had no other symptoms so I gave him tylenol and fed him and put him down for a nap.  He woke up and was still warm but eating drinking and acting normal so I gave him some more tylenol and the babysitter came over so I could sleep before work.  When it was time for her to leave she told me he was acting like he didn't feel good and we noticed he felt really warm.  I took his temp and it was 103.9 orally.  I freaked out called the nurse and then called in to work. This is where things get wonky.

I was holding L and he was talking and acting semi normal just a little clingy, I gave him more tylenol and did some googling.  Even though I'm a nurse I work in a cardiac icu, I dont know much about common place illnesses. Also, when its your own child all nurse knowledge and logic go out the window. I started doubting my over reaction and based on google I should give him meds to break the fever and if it lasts more than 24 hours take him in.  So I called work and said I'd go in.  I always hate calling in especially late in the day.  I know the unit is usually staffed with just the right number of nurses and when someone calls in it puts the unit in a bind.

Well no sooner did I call and say I'd go in the nurse calls me and says his fever is too high I need to bring him in right away.  I thankfully only live 5 minutes from their office.  I started to worry now and all the worse things pop into my nurse brain.  We go in and basically everything checks out ok still has 103 fever and a slightly red throat.  They say its a virus and to give him motrin.  This is when the guilt sets in.  I want so bad to call back to work and not go in.  I want so bad to just be with my baby who looks like he feels horrible.  But yet, its so late I can't possibly do that to my unit. 

Sometimes I wish I could be more selfish, should I have put my baby first in this situation? Daddy was a great nurse and when I called his fever had broke and was at 98.2.  I know he was in good hands but I feel like I always am thinking about everyone else and then sometimes regret my decision.  My parents instilled a good work ethic in me and I guess thats why I chose to work but that doesn't take away the fact that I felt horrible about leaving my sweet boy. 

Its these situations that make being a working mom so tough. I told L I loved him and even though I had to leave him that didn't mean I didn't care, not that he understood but it made me feel better at least.

Hubby said he went to sleep ok and last he checked the fever is still under control, I just can't wait to get home to my sweet baby and nurse him back to health during my glorious 6 days off!

To make matters worse on my way to work my medium drink flew out of the cup holder and spilled all over the floor, and I smashed my foot in the car door trying to escape a huge wasp!

Tomorrow is a new day and the start to my mini vacay! Only 6 more hours to go :/

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Labor Day Weekend 2012

We had such a good weekend this year for Labor Day.  My parents came in town and although they had their own set of plans such as going to the Astros/Reds game and hitting up Galveston to scope things out for their future we were able to still visit and always have so much fun when they come in town.

On Friday we met up with some of our good friends Julie and Ryan who recently relocated to Houston from NYC.  A big change but we are so happy and excited to have them here! Julie actually started having contractions at dinner which led to her giving birth to their adorable little guy on sunday early in the morning!! It was so good to visit with them and L always has such a good time when we go out to City Centre.  Now that he can walk he just loves roaming around in the courtyard ( supervised of course) and watching all the bigger kids play.   

I think he has the best smile! It makes me so happy every time I see it!
 On Saturday we had another late night...L is such a trooper.  Really though as long as he is the center of attention the kid can stay up hours past his bedtime and be in good spirits.  My friend, coworker, and now also my neighbor had a party at her house to kick off football college football season.  They are huge LSU fans so we went over there to hang out and enjoy some good food and meet some other couples in the neighborhood.

Daddy was so excited colleged football started ...someones maybe a little confused?
On sunday after church we just hung around the house and then our neighborhood has a concert on the amphitheater area that we went to.  Its so fun to go out there with a blanket, some cold drinks and good company and just hang out.  I don't know if the bad was "good" but it was still fun and L had the best time getting his baby groove on! Once again he was out pretty late which led to a lot of sleeping on monday!!

And now for some serious picture overload!!!

Loves his Mimi

with Mimi and pop pop

having so much fun dancing!!

Dance Dance Dance

After such a busy fun filled weekend...this guy is BEAT!

I'm Katie a 27 year old mommy and wife. Welcome to my blog where I will chronicle the happenings of my life as I find the balance between being both SAHM by day and CVICU nurse by night.

I love Jesus and strive to be more like Christ every day. Running, reading, and cooking are some of my favorite past-times. I love photography but I am no pro, but it helps I have such a cute subject to practice on!!




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