Sunday, January 29, 2012

snaggle tooth

Landon currently has three bottom teeth and is getting this tooth in on the top that is not in the center like you would expect but way off to the side...I call it his Hobo tooth and he has adapted the nickname "Snaggle tooth" It cracks me up every time he starts smiling or laughing because you just see this random tooth off to the side!

P.S. this lil guy is 8 months old!!! I will have his 8 month post up this week!! Life has been so busy this past week I feel like I am constantly playing catch up on many things so Im hoping after this week when I am off orientation at work and I can once again make my own schedule I can get things back in order :)

Friday, January 20, 2012

52:3 Relax

in life sometimes we just need to RELAX

It seems that as I get older and especially since having Landon that life operates full steam ahead at all times and even when I'm sleeping or lying down my mind is still working in over drive. 
I don't like that.

I need to take more time to relax, so what if all my "chores" don't get done, I need to be ok with that sometimes.  I need to cherish every moment with my family because tommorow is not guaranteed and time seriously flies by! I blinked and my baby is now so big and getting more grown by the moment. 

Being able to relax is so important to our well being and I am putting it on my to do list!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Project 52:2 :: Giggles

is getting the GIGGLES

Sometimes, L gets a bad case of the giggles.  Especially when he is super tired he becomes giggly and delirious.  I love those times because he will just laugh and giggle on and on and then he gets super excited and will start to screech and wave his arms and legs all over the place like he has so much happiness and excitement he just cant get it out fast enough.  Its so cute.  He is most ticklish on his tummy and his sides, we were having a bad case of the giggles while playing peekaboo, his new favorite game

The most wasted of all days is that in which we have not laughed
~Nicolas Chamfort, translated from french

Friday, January 6, 2012

Project 52:1 :: Bliss

I'm linking up with Shawna at StyleberryBlog for project 52 this year.  I saw this last year and decided that I wanted to participate this year.  Its called project 52 and basically each week you take a picture that tells a story, at the end of the year I plan to put them together in a photobook

I wanted to pick a focus and I really couldn't think of anything other than LIFE.  This blog is about my life and at the end of the year I want a book about my life.  Life is so fluid and constantly changing and morphing into something else.  

52:1 LIFE

Right now my life with this little guy is Bliss, he is so easy to please and when I look at this picture, this smile, I can hear his sweet laugh and its something I want to never forget.


Thursday, January 5, 2012

7 months

Where has time gone!! Our first year with Little L is over half over and I really have a hard time believing this!! This past month has literally flown by, I guess with the new job, and the holidays the saying "Time flies when your having fun" really rings true for us.

Eating: We started solids at 6 months and at first with the sweet potatoes and Pumpkin L LOVED it, he couldn't get enough.  Well after a few weeks of trying different things (banana, avocado, pears, zucchini,carrots) he decided he didn't want anything at all not even sweet potatoes or pumpkin.  He would make the funniest faces and do this fake gag thing.  So, I decided to back off I only offer food to him every few days and if he wants it great if not thats fine.  I stick to sweet potatoes, pumpkin, or oatmeal since he has liked those in the past.  I have done some research and some babies just don't like the solid food thing until around 8 months.  He is obviously growing and thriving so Im not going to push it, I don't want food to be a negative experience for him.  He still is breastfeeding like a champ and Im so thrilled that since he sleeps all night I only have to pump once at work this is something I have looked foreword to for a long time!!  I will usually pump on my way in to work and only get about 3 ounces total but then when I pump around midnight ( 6 hours later) I will get 8-9 ounces.

We finally got him a highchair, I am not sure why it took me so long to decide on one but I finally did and I really love the one that I chose, it fits him well and he loves it, he likes to sit in it while I cook dinner or am cleaning in the kitchen so he can watch me and be up higher.

 Sleep: Sleep has been going fantastically! I should say night time sleep is going fantastically.  It took a good 4 nights to get through the rough patch but once we got through that thing shave been fabulous.  I am not going to lie he has a bad night here and there where he doesn't want to go to sleep or will wake up in the night and cry but for the most part if I leave him he will go to sleep.  There was once when I heard him crying and was in a deep sleep and woke in a delirium and asked hubby what time it was I swear he said "615" so I said "OK, Im going to go ahead and get him." Well I get back to the room, and feed him and then ask hubby again what time it is and he says "215" I swear he said 615 before but oh well L got a little christmas treat and got to take advantage of mommies sleep delirium haha.

 I put him down between 730 and 830 and he will sleep until 730 in the morning, some days like yesterday he woke at 930 am!!! He slept for almost 14 hours!!! It was fantastic especially since I was extra tired that day.  We put him in a sleep sack at night and I think he sleeps better since we started using it because I think he was getting really cold at night and it was waking him up.  When I went to get him in the mornings, his whole body would feel cold and it would break my heart!!
 Naps are another story...we just wont go there this month :)
 Milestones: He will transfer objects from one hand to the other and is really good about sitting himself up if he falls back against his boppy or something.  His balance is rock solid and he loves to stand if you hold his hands. Crawling, scooting, moving are just not something he is interested in, Im kind of ok with that because I know once he starts its a major game changer so I am kind of happy with my non mobile baby.  He is just content with where we put him.  I suppose he may be a wee bit spoiled too in the sense that he knows if he squawks or whines someone will pick him up and move him.  What can I say he's my only baby and he is so cuddly I just cant stand it!!
 He is chewing on everything and now has 3 little teeth on the bottom and I think the tops will be coming soon his poor gums are so red and swollen.
 Also, he needs a hair cut BAD, but i just know he wont look like my baby once we cut his hairs
 Likes: He likes to play with faces and glasses and tries with all his might to get the changer and cell phone which at this point are off limits.  His favorite part of the day is bath time and feeding time, he is a major comfort nurser which I am ok with it gives me an excuse to cuddle with my lil guy and is an excuse to catch up on DVR and rest.  Still absolutely loves going on walks
 Dislikes: He is not a fan of solid food, diaper changes, and car rides, being hungry or tired.  He rarely is upset and usually the culprit is hunger or sleepiness.
What I'm Wearing: He is mostly in 6-9 month clothes pants are 12 months due to the cloth diapers and at night he is in size 3 diapers but I think we are going to move up to size 4 next.

He talks and talks, baby talk of course, but he is a babble king!! His favorite toys are his Sophie, and his bottle caps, he loves the caps to the medela breast milk bottles, He also is starting to like books more.

I am hoping to find him a consistent baby sitter to watch him a few nights a week for when me and hubby are both at work and also I want to put him in swim lessons soon.  I am also hoping this year we can meet some other people with babies around L's age so we can start to go on play dates more and L can meet some friends since he is not able to be in daycare due to mine and hubbies schedules!!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Christmas 2011

Just a quick recap for my memories, christmas this year was so much fun, It was not only L's first christmas but our first christmas in our new home.

We had my parents and grandparents come in town to celebrate with us and we had so much fun!

On christmas eve in the morning my mom and I took L to see Santa at our local Bass Pro Shop which he was basically indifferent about and then we came home to make christmas cookies and the most amazing chocolate cake.  That night the women went to church then to look at christmas lights, it was so rainy and yucky but we had a really good time anyway.

Stockings are hung on the mantle with care

Gram helping with the cookies

The guys doing what they do

L in his christmas jammies in his new high chair


On christmas morning we woke up and did the usual, we started out with the christmas story, opened gifts etc which took forever being there were 7 of us.  We got so many fun things and L certainly made out like a bandit.  He was basically as interested as any 7 month old would be which was expected. He was basically very clingy and a little fussy all day just a little too overstimulated with all the people, noise, and excitement.
Note from Santa

Santa was here

Opening the stocking

Straight Chillen

testing my new sippy

Praise the Lawd

Our Fam on christmas morning

The food!

My gram and I cooked the meal, Ham Truffle Salt mashed potatoes, honey glazed carrots, and green was deeelicious!! We had a lot of fun cooking together and watching christmas movies.

I would have to say this was one of my most favorite christmases and I cant wait for the future christmases as L gets older and realizes whats going on.
I'm Katie a 27 year old mommy and wife. Welcome to my blog where I will chronicle the happenings of my life as I find the balance between being both SAHM by day and CVICU nurse by night.

I love Jesus and strive to be more like Christ every day. Running, reading, and cooking are some of my favorite past-times. I love photography but I am no pro, but it helps I have such a cute subject to practice on!!




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