Monday, February 28, 2011


I cut my face out because I got microderm abrasion done today and my face is super red still

How far along? 27w5d

Baby's size? about 2lbs, a head of cauliflower?

photo from

Weight Gain? according to the scale at the Dr 13 lbs total since last post about 4 lbs I guess

Maternity clothes? no but I went to forever 21 today and they had these maxi dresses that were sooo cute and oh so comfy so I bought 2, they were only $15!! I could live in them when im not wearing pj's or scrubs, a funny story I have these one pair of scrub pants that i love but the other night at work they decided they did not want to stay tied, ever time i would sit down they would come i left them untied haha fortunately they were snug enough over my bum that no one would have known but i thought it was pretty funny, Many of my scrub pants fit still but cut into my belly when I sit down so I have had to retire some of my favs :(  

Stretch marks? not a single one 

Belly button in or out? its pretty flat and does poke out a little when I eat a big meal

Sleep? I love sleep!!

Foods I am loving? I still eat a lot of cereal but many of my favorite fruits are coming back in season so I have been eating a lot more fruit lately

Foods I am hating? not much anymore Thank God

Best moment this week? being able to feel what position Landon is laying in when I press on my belly i can tell if he is laying on the right or left side and i cant really tell but I think his little bum sits right around where my belly button is, its funny when I press on him and he starts kicking around

Movement? All the time!! and sometimes a little painful when he really gets goin

Symptoms? not much really I get really uncomfortable if i eat to much i feel like i just want to lay flat so I have done much better about eating really small meals more frequently, some round ligament pain here and there and when i have to pee my uterus does contract but once i pee it goes away, its a pretty crazy feeling

Gender? a lil boy, Landon Matthew

What I miss? an ice cold Sam Adams!!

What I'm looking forward to? Hopefully moving into a beautiful house that i love by the end of March....hopefully all goes smoothly!!!

Weekly Wisdom: enjoy every moment me and hubby want to be spontaneous once lil man gets here it wont be soso easy!! 

Milestone: nada

Emotions:everyday is such a blessing!! I really love being pregnant

Thursday, February 24, 2011


So this week hasn't been the best but I am getting through and although it hasn't been all unicorns and glitter there have been some plusses, I like to focus on positive things but since i haven't been around these parts in a while I thought I'd stop by and fill y'all in on some tidbits in my life

- I stopped in Sephora the other day which is major dangerous for me, no matter how hard I try I can not get out of there with just one thing.  But something I found that really brightened my day is this
its theUrban Ballerina mini collection by OPI for Sephora.  I have a recent obsession with nail polish and when I cam across this I HAD to have it, I love all these colors and right now I have the pink on my nails its just such a sweet little color

- The previous house we made an offer on had some pretty glaring problems we found during the inspection, so we backed out, but I knew this had to mean there was something better out there for us.  We went looking again yesterday and found a beautiful one story house (which I had been secretly hoping for) that would need NO remodeling it looks exactly how we would want it to look aside form some minor repainting to make bedrooms and bathrooms our own.  We accepted their counter offer and now we are moving forward with this one.  Lets just hope all continues to go smooth with this urge to get things ready for this baby is killing me and I have no house to do such things at this time

- speaking of getting things ready for this baby, I have a small plastic box with some cloth diapers and a few little outfits...THATS.ALL. We cant buy any big purchases until we have a house and I have no nursery to decorate until I have a house with a nursery.  This is all killing me especially realizing I have like 90 some days or less till the little guy is here.  I guess I will just have fun on a big massive shopping spree to get the things we need come april or may and then just pray He doesn't make his arrival early

- Monday was a day from HELL, I will have to dedicate a whole post to that alone thats how awful it was lets just say that US Airways will not be getting any more of my business EVER. 

- Dealing with the loss of my friend has been much harder than I expected, not sure what I was expecting as this is the first person close to me to ever pass away.  

- I cant believe I am 27 weeks and according to some literature thats the third trimester OMG!!!

- I got a sewing machine!!!!! Thanks momma!!! I cant wait to have some days off work so I can break it out and try to figure out how to use it, I have so many things in mind I want to try and make!!!

- Lastly...I read something the other day that kind of baffled me, it was in a book about things you will and wont need for baby and on the section about baby t-shirts it said something along the lines of how good they are until the umbilical cord falls off because you cant use a onesie and cover the cord till it falls off...I have never in my life heard of such craziness, I put onesies on the babies at work all the time before their cord falls off...anyone know where this statement is coming from? I mean I understand you need to keep it clean and dry till it falls off but really ...any thoughts would be fab!!

Friday, February 18, 2011


Today I found out my best friend from high school died last night at 130AM

It just doesn't seem real I just saw her in Sept and she was about 12 weeks pregnant, healthy and happy a few weeks later she found out she had AML Leukemia, we all thought she would be the one to beat it if anyone did she was such a strong person. Just last week she was planning her little girls third birthday, Its really just not fair. She was only 26!!

She was such a joyful person always full of life and always able to being a smile to someones face, oh the trouble we got into in high school!!...but oh the memories I will forever keep, my heart is broken today.

The most heartbreaking thing is she leaves behind a sweet husband and an adorable little girl who is not yet 3 and a little boy who is not yet 1.  I can only imagine the pain her husband is in right now and her precious little girl who loved her mama so much it just breaks my heart

If you could just send up a prayer for her family, her husband and her two very young children today for strength to get through and peace in this storm.

RIP CC I will always love you and miss you

These pictures are from September when I got to meet up with her at the beach...Thank you Jesus for that meeting little did I know it would be the last time I saw her 

Monday, February 14, 2011


I seriously feel way bigger than this picture makes me look!!

How far along? 25w4d

Baby's size? about 14inches and 1.5lbs about the size of an eggplant


Weight Gain? 9lbs total

Maternity clothes? no but i am slowly running out of options as far as my regular clothes go, luckily 90% of the time Im either wearing scrubs or lounge clothes so I don't need many options

Stretch marks? not a single one Thank you mom :)

Belly button in or out? its pretty flat

Sleep? mostly pretty good I love my body pillow its nothing fancy just a body pillow from target

Foods I am loving? OMG Pizza rolls with sour cream!! I went through a bag of pizza rolls and a 16oz tub of sour cream in two days last week!! Also cereal I eat tons of cereal!! MOStly Lucky Charms but i like to switch it up every few days as in I go through a box of cereal every few days hehe

Foods I am hating? not much anymore Thank God

Best moment this week? nothing significant, I love that he moves around so much its the craziest feeling

Movement? All the time!! He is definitly getting bigger in there because his movements are much stronger and often feel more like rolling and pokes

Symptoms? still with the stuffy nose  and lately my ribs have been sore but aside from the normal minor aches here and there things are going fabulously

Gender? a lil boy, Landon Matthew

What I miss? little things here and there but nothing too terribly

What I'm looking forward to? finally meeting this baby boy!! All my friends who are pregnant are having there babies left and right and it makes me so excited to meet my lil guy!!

Weekly Wisdom: Im just taking one day at a time 

Milestone: nothing imperticular

Emotions: so excited everyday!!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Shhh its a secret!

So today Kelly at Kelly's Korner she is doing her Show Us Your Life about beauty secrets.

I love to read about what little things people do to simplify life or make life more fun and beautiful.

I thought I would share a few things which are nothing big and I know they are no secret but alas here they are

1. I like to blast my eye lash curler for a few seconds with the warm blow dryer it helps curl the lashes more  and make them pop once you put a few coats of mascara, speaking of mascara one that I absolutely love
Maybelline Lash Stiletto, its awesome!

2. If I need to make it an extra day without washing my hair especially in the winter when everything is so dry to begin with I will give my roots a little dusting of cornstarch.  I have heard of people doing the same thing with baby powder but since I don't keep baby powder on hand  I just use a little cornstarch.  It absorbs the little greasies and gives you a little extra volume on top of it 

3. A way to combat dry cracked heels is to rub the rough areas with oxy clean pads and then slather your feet with a thick lotion, then put socks on and go to bed.  If your heels are really dry you will notice results after a few days but if your heels are only a little dry and crackly the next morning you will notice huge improvements!! It doesn't hurt to go over your heels with a pumice in the shower a few days a week as well

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

24 weeks

Im way late posting this week but it has been so crazy the past week, with my work schedule and then this home buying process I have had hardly any free time to do anything, in an attempt to get back on track with the weekly updates i will probably post twice this week, since i am technically still 24 weeks i am doing that today and then since i turn 25 weeks tomorrow I will do another post hopefully by friday that way I can be back on schedule! 

please excuse the awful picture I was tired and didn't want to put it off for one more day!!

How far along?
 24w5d (when the picture was taken)

Baby's size? Papaya

Weight Gain? 7lbs total

Maternity clothes? not yet although suddenly i cant button my jeans anymore.  I wore a pair of jeans to my appointment last monday and they buttoned fine, by friday i could not button them!! I use that bella band thing though and all is good again!!

Stretch marks? not a single one :)

Belly button in or out? its pretty shallow and i think my stomach looks like a freak now, i took out the ring because it was poking out and looked like i had a massive outie belly button which is so not cute!!

Sleep? some days better than others 

Foods I am loving? CUPCAKES!!!

Foods I am hating? not much

Best moment this week? meeting with a birth photographer...I will dedicate a separate post to that topic :)

Movement? Mr Landon loves to move!! his movements are much bigger now and I think he thinks my cervix is a soccer ball or something because I can feel him kicking it at times and its slightly uncomfortable

Symptoms? random sorenesses here and there but not much, although I have had a congested nose since like day 1 of pregnancy i do believe its called rhinitis of pregnancy and I do believe it SUCKS!!

Gender? a lil boy, Landon Matthew

What I miss? little things here and there but nothing too terribly

What I'm looking forward to? buying a house so I can start decorating his nursery and making our big baby purchases

Weekly Wisdom: Im just taking one day at a time 

Milestone: I had my glucose test this past week and I will say the drink was not bad at all and I passed not that I really thought I would fail but its a lil peace of mind :)

Emotions: feeling kind of anxious this week I feel like there is so much I want to do but cant right now because buying a house is our first priority, Im practicing patience!!
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