Friday, December 20, 2013

L2's Birth Story

Im going to preface this by saying if birth stories or bodily functions aren't your thing you may want to move along...

Our sweet second son was born in the early morning hours on November 26.  He was 4 days past his due date and each day that passed and he was still inside we became more and more anxious and ready to meet him.  I tried every old wives tale in the book to try and get him out, he had his own plan and when he was ready boy was he ready!

I went to bed the same as any other night wondering if this would be the night he would decide to make his debut.  Around midnight, I was woken up by some moderate contractions that felt like bad menstrual cramps and I started to time them, they were 2-4 minutes apart…from the start.  I laid in bed for about an hour and around 1 AM they were becoming such that I no longer could just lay in bed.  I didn't wake up the hubby because I thought this could go on for hours so why not just let him rest.  I went to the living room and sat on an exercise ball and watched Real Housewives of Atlanta and debated folding some laundry to pass some time.  The contractions though became pretty intense to the point that I couldn't really focus on the show and decided around 2 AM to go wake up the Hubby and inform him of what was happening and that I was going to take a bath to maybe help the pain.  I was having to focus on breathing through them at this point and while the bath did help, things became very intense very quickly.  The contractions were 2-3 minutes apart and lasting about a minute or minute and half at this point. I knew that seemed close and they seemed pretty powerful but once again I was induced and had an epidural the first time so I really just thought this is how things were for a good while...

At 254 I texted the hubby from the tub to call our Doula.  He called her and she was quite hesitant that we wanted her to meet us at the house, she asked him three times as she lives an hour away and we live 40 minutes from the hospital.  He told me that she kept asking him if we wanted her to meet us at the house and we both thought that maybe she was telling us we were too early in labor and needed to wait as I had barely been in labor for 3 hours.  She told us to call back when we saw any bloody show or felt pressure.  well…no sooner did he get off the phone with her and relayed the message to me I turned around in the tub and saw blood…he called her back to let her know and I told him he also needed to call the doctor.

The doctor told us to get to the hospital immediately and we called the Doula back to tell her to meet us at the hospital.  By this point it was 3AM and the contractions were such that my body was shaking and all I could do was focus on breathing through them.  Things were happening FAST we jumped in the car and rushed to the hospital.  

We live about 40 minutes from the hospital but also live right by a toll road that takes us straight in to the hospital, its almost always vacant especially at 3AM.  The hubby was driving about 90 mph and once we exited to the road that takes us in to the hospital he ran Every. Single. Red-light which we got every light red of course.

I could not sit all the way down in the car and no sooner did we get in the car I had the intense urge to push…By this point I couldn't even tell you about the pain because all I could think about and focus on was breathing to resist the urge to push…I was not going to have a baby in a car!!  The thing though is if your body wants to push it will I felt something coming out, it wasn't a head though and I really started to freak out.  I was a mess!! Poor hubby was probably having a heart attack too!

We pulled up to the valet at the hospital and got up to the triage floor, by this point I was a screaming freaking out mess because I knew this baby was coming…and fast…when we checked in at the desk it was now 354…

I got in to the triage room, they informed me that what I felt was my intact bag of water which was on its way out…they got me on the bed and within seconds there was about 8 nurses and 4 doctors.  Someone finally realized the hubby was still not there and ran to get him. He got in the room as I was starting to push, I pushed twice and he was here!!! The time was 359!  I barely remember them putting him on my chest and seeing him for the first time, I think I was kind of in shock at this point.

The whole birth process was such a whirlwind, I couldn't believe things happened so fast!  It really was surreal, I had always heard of people having fast labors and had always wished for such but as the whole thing was playing out I really just couldn't believe this is how MY labor was unfolding.

After the fact, they took me to a delivery room and cleaned me up, started an IV and then did all the admission paperwork hehe.

There were several things that had God written all over them, truly God's hand was in this birth.  If it had been any other time of day, we would have been in traffic or there would have been too many cars on the road to drive 90 mph and run every red light, we ran right past a cop in our neighborhood, he didn't stop us, The weather was horrible it was raining and there was so much water on the road its a miracle we didn't hydroplane and crash.  The fact that it was a mere 9 minutes from when we pulled in to valet until L was born, if we had stopped at any red lights or hit any traffic whatsoever he would have surely been born in the car!

 I really wanted an unmedicated natural delivery hence why we hired a doula…I certainly got my unmedicated delivery and just knowing I did it all on my own without even the help of a doula is so empowering.

Even to this day, I can't believe I am no longer pregnant and that our sweet second son is here! I still can't believe how fast he came! 


Mandy@ a sorta fairytale said...

Holy moly, what a whirlwind!! Someone should have warned you, 2nd labors tend to happen QUICKLY!! lol. My first labor was about 14 hours, which is average. And my second was about 4 hours, and caught me totally off guard, I was in shock. So I can totally imagine how you felt!! Congrats again, he is beautiful!

Christy said...

WOW, I'm so glad you made it to the hospital safe and sound. Congratulations.

Brittnie said...

WOW this is SO crazy. I would have been freaking out. Like probably screaming freaking out, haha. So proud of you though. Kinda funny that your Doula didn't even make it there! Still can't wait to meet him!

Lindsey said...

Congrats Katie!! What an amazing story and precious little boy!!

Lindsey said...

Congrats Katie! What an amazing story and a precious little boy!

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