Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Oy Vey!

What a day!! It was kinda crappy, one of those days where its just one thing after another after another. The events in themselves are not horrible just kinda crappy but alllll added up they equal MAJOR CRAP.

To start off I'm woken up at 5am to realize my cat has diarrhea AGAIN! We just went through this last week and i took him to the vet and they concluded i have a "nervous" cat who internalizes his stresses and expresses them through gastric problems really!?!?! its a cat!!! well he was treated with some meds and he was doing great, until this morning when i wake to him laying next to me i had heard him in the litter box scratching around for a while and i knew something was up he never "plays" in his litter unless somethings going on so hes lying next to me and i move him and sure enough a smear of cat poo (which was stuck on his hair, he has long hair) on my new duvet cover which I just washed a week ago due to the same thing happening (luckily my duvet is cotton and machine washable). What a great way to start my day so now i cant use my cover and its FREEEEEZING, and I'm now worried about my high stress cat, so i try to lie there some more and conclude i cant sleep so i wake up at 630. wait till 700 to call the vet and make ANOTHER appointment. Damn, more money down the drain on this freaking cat good thing hes cute and funny or he would been toast a LONG time ago.

So then I take the dog for a walk... he does really Good YAY, and continues to be well behaved all morning until 830 when he decides something outside s worht barking and growling at RRRRRRR I HATE his bark... moving on

Make some phone calls.. RRRR ... more frustration, enough said on that topic

I go to the vet ... another high vet bill RRRRR not good when I'm not working yet and am living off my savings acount.

Then I check the mail... RRRR... More bills, once again not good when Im not working yet and am living off my savings account

the night goes smoothly I make my Favorite Burritos, chill with my good friend SAM ADAMS ... then...

The dog had been in the kennel because I don't like to deal with him while I'm eating, and a few hours had gone by and hes whining so I decide to be nice and let him out NOPE give him an inch and he takes a mile, I have a metal shelf thing in the spare room where his kennel is and he charges out and acts all crazy as he always does and KNOCKS THE WHOLE METAL SHELF TO PIECES CAUSING ALL ITEMS TO FALL ON THE FLOOR. I AM LIVID the blood is boiling!!! As I'm putting it all back together he charges back in the room and gets in my face soooo back in the kennel he goes, I have a pounding headache and cant stand to deal with his craziness right now.

So that has been my day like I said in and of themselves each thing was really no big deal but allll added up it equaled a super crappy day.

Thanks for listening

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Cat Woman said...

That dog needs mellowed- SNIP and GRIN while it's happening. Nothing a good valium won't fix. now you can see why some are abused...

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