Monday, April 2, 2012

Girls Weekend

This past weekend my mom and I spent time at the Hyatt Lost Pines Resort in Bastrop, Tx which is right outside Austin.  The resort is so beautiful and very relaxing, if your willing to spend the money its a great place for a family weekend getaway as they have a really cool pool/beach and lazy river as well as tons of planned activities for kids.

Back to the story though.  My mom and I had run this 1/2 marathon two years ago before L was here and we had a great time so we wanted to do it again this year.  We had our trip planned far in advance and it was much anticipated.  As the trip neared I started getting a little anxious as I would be leaving L for the first time for more than just a night.  I prayed about it and knew this trip was much needed for my mental health and knew that God would be present at our home and L would be well taken care of by his daddy and grandparents.

Two days before our race hubby and I went to true movies and as the movie started I started to feel shaky and chilled, like big time.  On top of the fact that I had what felt like a sore/clogged milk duct.  I knew this was bad as I had mastitis before and by the time the movie ended I was so chilled and shaky I could hardly walk straight, I felt like death!!

There was no question I was running the race on Saturday we payed too much and I had trained and anticipated this, it was not a question.  I put a warm pack on and pumped like crazy and I even went and got L out of bed and put him in bed with me to just nurse to try to get the clog out.  I Still felt awful but by morning the fever had gone and I was just left with a lot of soreness.  I had no time to go to the Dr. as I was supposed to leave late morning so I tried The med clinic at our grocery store which after waiting an hour they inform me they don't treat mastitis...I was so annoyed I almost started crying right then but I called my Dr. and she put in a RX for me to pick up.
cool chandelier in the lobby

The redness and soreness stuck around for a few days but by Saturday morning I felt great and the race was ON!! I did ok, probably as good as my half assed training allowed but I actually did not bad on my time 2:12 which isn't close to my best time but it also wasn't my worst either!
post race

AFter the race we enjoyed free massages, free wine, and a day relaxing at the pool!! It was so good to get home to my sweet boy but I had a fantastic trip and really enjoyed a carefree, relaxing weekend with my momma!!
complete with smores!!

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Cajun Cowgirl said...

You are a rock star my friend! Congrats on the big race!

We are headed there early summer for a family vacation and I'm so excited. It's our first one and I think the location will be perfect!

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